October 2, 2002
08.30 -10.30

HALL-II        (FCO1 - FCO17)
Chairpersons: S.Arsan - N. Tekin

                        FCOl   Effect of Enteral Administration of Insulin on Establishment Peeding Tolerance in Preterm Infants
                                   Vasiljevic B., Antonovic O., Radunovic N.
                        FCO2 Effects of Maternal Weight Gain During Pregnancy and Pregestational Weight in Aetiology of Low Birth Weight
                                   Kayrak AItuncu E., Kavuncuoğlu S., Özbek S., Gökmirza P., AIbayrak Z.
                        FCO3 Neonatal Sepsis Caused by Enterobacter Amnigenus
                                   Abu-Osba Y. K., Amari A., Salameh K., Shalabi M., Hibi S., EI-Haj K.
                        FCO4 High Incidence of Long Bones Dysplasia in Newbom Infants in Qatar
                                   Abu-Osba Y. K., Salameh K., Khan S., Kayyali M.
                        FCO5 Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT) of HN: Where Are We at and Where Are We Going? Preliminary Results Prom
                                   the Perinatal HN Register Implemented in Campania Region of Southem Italy,
                                   Buffolano W., Martinelli P., Ciccİmarra P.
                        Fco6  Clinical-Ultrasonic Correlations of Brain's Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury in Newboms
                                   Khachapuridze N., Natriashvili G., Kapanadze N., Geladze N., Natriashvili S., Tukhashvili G.
                        FCO8 High Risk Neonates and Referral Panem to a Secondary Level Care Rural Based Hospital in South India
                                   leganathan S., Balasubrarnaniyan l., Sethurarnan, Siddan P.
                        FCO9 Comparison of Weight Increase in Infants with Breastfeeding-Pormula-Milk Supply
                                  Pappas A., Gekas K., Stratou S., Haloulou S., Glogani A.
                        FCOIO   Outcome Prediciton in CriticalIf III Newbom Using Two Scoring Systems
                                      Spasojevic S., Milovanov V., Bregun Doronjski A.
                        FCOll   The Use of Score for Neonatal Acute Physiology (SNAP) and Birth Weight (BW) in Prediction of Neonatal Mortality
                                     Milovanov V., Bregun Doronjski A., Cvejic A., Spasojevic S.
                        FCO12  Bilirubin and Retinopathy of Prematurity
                                      Kornazec l., Matic A., Velisavljev Pilipovic G., Radisic B.
                        FCO13  The Effect of Neonatal Resuscitation Training Program on Apgar Score as an Outcome of the Newbom
                                       Hidajat S., Sarnsi K.M.K.
                        FCO14    Hospital Neonatal Hypotherrnia: Characteristic and the Impact of Neonatal Resuscitation Training Program
                                       Hidajat S., Sarnsi K.M.K., Yunia Y.
                        FCO15    Cord Blood Igf-1 and Igfbp-3 Levels in Asphyxiated Newborns
                                       DinIeyici E.C., Tekin N., Akşit M.A., Çolak Ö.
                        FCo16   Optimization of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cerebral Disorders in Newboms
                                     Geladze N., Bakhutashvili V., Khachapuridze N., Tskhovrebashvili L., Kapanadze N., Tabagari M., Natriashvili S.,
                                      Bakhtadze S.
                        FCO17 The One Year Survey of NICU Infections at Children General Hospital Since 23 September 2000 up to 22 September
                                      Najati N., Madarek E. O. S., Seidhejazie M.

October 3, 2002

HALL- II        (FCO18 - FCO30, FCO65)
Chairpersons: E.Diniz - C. Taner

Matemal Mortality Rate in Four - Years Period
                                      Fatusic L., Serak I., Tulumovic A., Mesalic L.
                       FCO19  Is the Severity of Dyspeptic Symptoms After 20 Weeks' Gestation Related to Helicobacter Pylori Infection?
                                      Tannverdi H., Üstündağ Y., Tekin I., Barut A.
                       FCO20  Comparison of Abortion, Ectopic Pregnancy and Malforrnation Rates in Preganacies After Intracytoplasmic Sperm
                                      Injection OCSI) and Conventional in Vitro Fertilization (NF)
      Benhabib M., Karacan M., Demircan A., Sarac G., Karabulut O., Kervancıoğlu E.
                       FCO21 Differences in Obstetric Outcome Between Nulliparous and Multiparous (para-I, para-2) Women After Elective Labor
                                     Economou A., Kanellopoulos N., Petrakos G., Moulakakis V., Dovra C., Panagopoulos P.
                       FCO22 Reduction of Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension (HIPH) by MgS04 in Sheep
                                     Abu-Osba Y. K., Rhydderch D., Balasundaram S., Galal O., Halees L., Duran C.
                       FCO23 Neonatal Morbidity After Forceps Delivery In Two Periods
                                     Vrzic S, Opalic l, Babovic I, Momcilov P, Bogdanovic L, Petronijevic M.
                       FCO24 Postpartum Hemorrhagia Control by Uterine Artery Legation or Intrauterine-Pelvic Packing
                                     Al Sultan H., Kharat H., Al Khatib F.
                       FCO25 Ten Years Experiences of Intravascular Fetal Transfusions
                                      Filimonovic D., Mikovic L., Sindjic M., Mandic V., Harjric A.
                       FCO26 Matemal Age at First Pregnancy as a Risk Factor for Pergnancy Complications
                                     Jamal A., Sadat A. R., Khosravi R.
                       FCO27 ST Waveform of the Fetal Intrapartum Electrocardiogram for the Diagnosis and Prevention of Perinatal Asphyxia
                                     Luzietti R.
                       FCO28 Matemal Mortality dile to Amniotic Embolism
                                     Kilasonia B.
                       FCO29 Oxitocinone, Inducting Fetus Maturation
                                     Gojnic M.G., Pervulov M., Petkovic S., Maric M., Mostic., Adamsons K.
                       FCO30 Determination of Fetal Nuchal Thickness in 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy in Pregnant Women Reside in Georgia Region
                                     Papitashvili A.
                       Fco65 Changes in Spiral Artery in Normal Pregnancies: Doppler Study
                                     Çelik E., Şen C.

October 4, 2002
11.00 -13.15
HALL-ll    (FCO31 - FCO44)
Chairpersons: O.Ünal - A.Göçmen

                         FCO31 Continuous Fetal Heart Rate Monitorisation Versus Interrnittant Auscultation for Intrapartum Follow-Up
                                      Kandemir Ö., Çalışkan E., Tan O., Haberal A.
                         FCO32 Nw-Nitro-L-Arginine Metil Ester (L-NAME) ile Preeklampsi Modeli Oluşturulan Ratlarda Antioksidan Aktivitesi,  

                             Kan Basıncı Değişiklikleri ile Aynı Modelde Ekzojen Antioksidan Kullanımının Klinik ve Neonatal Sonuçlara Olan Etkisi 

                                    Tanır H. M., Şener T., İnal M., Akyüz F., Uysal E., Uzuner K., Sivri E.
                         FCO33 Gebelik Esnasında Saptanan Dissekan Aort Anevrizması
                                     Dane C., Dane B., Kalli E., Çetin A.
                         FCO34 Antenatally Diagnosed Newboms
                                      Karaçay Ş., Sayan A.
                         FCO35 Abnormal Fetal Heart Rate Pattem and Relationship with the Amniotic Fluid Erythropoietin Levels
                                      Çelik Ö., Hasçalık S., Güven A., Yoloğlu S., Turılan F.
                         FCO36 Cerebrospinal Fluid Adrenomedullin Levels in Patients Witl1 Preeclampsia
                                      Çelik Ö., Hasçalık S., Yürekli M.
                         FCO37 Term Erken Rüptürü Olgularında Kord Kanı IL-6 Düzeyinin In Utero Enfeksiyon Tanısındaki Yeri
                                      Taşçı Y., Çalışkan E., Dilbaz B., Doğancı L., Önal B., Haberal A.
                         FCO38 Çoğul Gebeliklerde Yeni Kodlama Sistemi
                                      Yılanlıoğlu N.C.
                         FCO39 Embriyolarda Beta Thalassemia Yönünden Preimplantasyon Genetik Tanı HLA Genotiplemesi: Türkiye'de Elde Edilen 

                                    İlk Gebelik ve Doğum Sonrası Kord Kanı Stern Cell Ayrıştırılması
                                      Kahraman S., Biricik A., Fiorentino F., Kumtepe Y.
                          FC040 Tekrarlayan Erken Gebelik Kayıplarında Preimplantasyon Genetik Tanı Sonuçları
                                      Kahraman S., Küpelioğlu L., Biricik A., Berkil H., Kumtepe Y.
                          Fc041 ART Tedavisi Gören 226 Olguda Preimplantasyon Genetik Tanı Sonuçları ve Elde Edilen Gebeliklerin Endikasyonlara Göre Prognozları
                                      Kahraman S., Biricik A., Yılanlıoğlu N.C., Vanlıoğlu F., Kumtepe Y.
                          Fco42 Erken Doğum Tehdidi Olan Gebelerde Subklinik İntrauterin Enfeksiyon Tanısında Maternal Serum İnterleukin-6 Konsantrasyonunun Önemi
                                      Bilgiç E., Özkan A., Süer N., Yücel N.Şahin S.
                          FCO43 Preeklampsi ve HELLP Sendromunda Spontan Karaciğer Rüptürü: Dört Olgu Sunumu
                                   Yalınkaya A., Yayla M., Erden A.C.
                          FC044 Dicle Üniversitesinde 10 Yıllık Maternal Mortalite
                                   Yalırıkaya A., Yalırıkaya Ö., Esen S.,Yayla M., Erden A.C.


October 5, 2002
08.30 - 10.45
HALL-II  (FCO46 - FCO60)
Chairpersons: M.Mahran - Ü.Sungurtekin

Healthy Babies in Predictable Preeclampsia
                                 Gojnic M. G., Pervulov M., Petkovic S., Milicevic S., Juıisic I, Fazlagic A., Stefanovic A., Glisic A., Djordjevic S.
                      FCO47 Results and Clinical Outcome of Pregnancies After Preconception Diagnosis in 108 IVF Cycles of American Hospital
                                Erçelen N., Balaban B., Işıklar A., Tutar E., Alataş C., Mumcu A., Aksoy S., Mercan R., Nuhoğlu A., Urrnan B.
                      FCO48 Efficacy of Miphil<B>, an Acidic Vaginal Gel, on pH and IL-6 Levels in Pregnant Women: A Double Blind, Placebo-
                                Controlled Trial
                                Paternoster D.M., Tudor L., Milani M., Ambrosini A.
                       FCO49 HELLP Syndrome Versus Severe Preeclampsia Remote From Term
                                Kaleli A., Aytan H., Kalyoncu Ş., Danışrnan N.
                       FCO50 Fetal Ductus Venosus Doppler Velocimetry in Intrauterine Growtİ1 Restriction in Relation to Adverse Perinatal Outcome
                                Mose j. C., Mandang S.V.
                       FCO51 Analysis of 47145 Deliveries in a Tertiary Center: An Epidemiological View
                                  Çalışkan E., Öztürk N., Aykan B., Öztürkoğlu E., Dilbaz B., Yalvaç S., Haberal A.
                       FCO52 Twin Pregnancy Complicated By Acardiac Fetus: A Case Report
                                 Özkan S., Özeren S., Çorakçı A., Özkara Ü., Göktan M., Yücesar İ.
                       FCO53 Perinatal Diagnosis of Galen Vein Aneurysrnal Malforrnation: A Case Report
                                    Özeren S., Özkan S., Çorakçı A., Dal j., Hüseyinoğlu N., Yücesar İ.
                       FCO54 Maternal Mortality in Latvia and Lithuania
                                    Jansone M., Geidane B., Lietuviete N.
                       FCO55 Vitamin B12 and Folate Levels of Pregnant Women in Şanlıurfa
                                Harrna M., Harrna M., Yurtseven Ş., Demir N.
                       FCO56 Biochemical Environment of Fetal Development in the Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid. I - Glucose, Bilirubine,
                                   Optical Density, H+lons, Estrogens and Placental Lactogen
                                   Czajkowski K., Bros M., W6jcicka-Bentynj., Grymowicz M., Smolarczyk R., Romejko E., Szczecina R., Teligaj.
                       FCO57 Renal Function in Women with Asymptornatic (Isolated) Proteinucia in Late Pregnancy
                                    Czajkowski K., Smolarczyk R., W6jcicka-Bentyn j., Bros M., Grymowicz M., Romejko E., Szczecina R., Teliga j.
                       FCO58 Placental Apoptosis in Postterm Pregnancies and Its Impact on Neonatal Outcome. Preliminary Results
                                      Kafkaslı A., Kaya H., Deniz D.
                       FCO59 Prirnary UPj-Type Fetal Hydronephrosis:Prenatal Approach and Outcome
                                     Önen A., Yayla M.
                       FCO60 The Role of Prenatal Intervention in Obstructive Uropathies
                                     Önen A., Yayla M.


October 5, 2002
11.00 - 12.30
HALL-II  (FCO61 - FCO66)
A.C.Erden - N.Demir


                         FCO61 Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection: Hematological Evolution in Newbom Infants Treated with Ganciclovir
                                  Diniz E.M.A., Grassi M.S., Nagaiassu M., Ceccon M.E.]., Krebs V.L.]., Vaz F.A.C.
                        FCO62 Incidence of Respiratory Viruses in Preterm Infants Submitted to Mechanical Ventilation
                                  Diniz E.M.A., Vieira R.A., Ceccon M.E.], Ishida M.A., Souza M.C.O., Grassi M.S., Vaz F.A.C.
                        FCO63 Preliminary Report on a Newand Noninvasive Method for the Assessment of Fetal Lung Maturity
                                  Cosmi E., La Torre R., Anceschi M.M., Cosmi E.V.
                        FCO64 Noninvasive Diagnosis by Doppler Ultrasonography of Fetal Anemia Due to Parvovirus Infection
                                  Cosmi E., Mari G., Delle Chiaie L., Detti L., Stefos T., Bahado Singh R., Murphy ]., Abuhamad A., Hunter D.
                        FCO66 Evaluation of Fetal Maturation by Ultrasonography
                                      Kanıt H.