Perinatoloji Dergisi 2005; 1(1): 9-14

Online published date : 1 March 2005

Comparison of maternal and perinatal outcomes of HELLP syndrome and severe preeclampsia cases


Selahattin Kumru, Mehmet Şimşek, Bilgin Gürateş, Ekrem Sapmaz, Zeynep Özcan, Mehmet Nalbant, Denizmen Aygün


Fırat Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum Anabilim Dalı, Elazığ


Objective: To compare maternal and perinatal outcomes of women with HELLP (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelets) syndrome and severe preeclampsia.

Methods: Between May-2001 and May-2004, the data's of women treated as HELLP syndrome and merely severe preeclampsia in Firat University Medical School Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology were retrospectively analyzed. Mortality, morbidities of pregnant, and their newborns were noted. Fisher's exact test and independent samples t-tests were used for statistical analyses of data. The level of significance was set at p<0.05.

Results: Twenty-two women with HELLP syndrome and 30 women with severe preeclampsia were enrolled in the study. Both groups had similar demographic characteristics. Although it was not statistically significant, mean gestational age of HELLP group (32.2±5.4) was found to be 8.4% lesser than those of severe preeclamptic women (34.9±4.3). It was found that HELLP group had a higher liver transaminase and lactic dehydrogenase levels. In addition, HELLP group had a more transfusion of blood, platelets, and cryoprecipitate than those of severe preeclamptic group. HELLP syndrome group had significantly higher intrauterine dead cases than severe preeclamptic group (27.3% vs. 3.3%, p<0.05). Neonatal intensive care unit requirement and neonatal mortalities of HELLP and severe preeclampsia groups were found to be 37.5% and 13.8% and 18.8% and 3.3%, respectively. However, this difference was not statistically significant.

Conclusion: The HELLP syndrome cases seem had an increased transfusion requirement together with tendency to increased perinatal mortality and morbidity. Therefore, treatments of such cases should be planned in the advanced centers.

HELLP syndrome, Severe preeclampsia, Mortality, Morbidity.