Perinatal Journal
Online published date : 1 March 2005





Journal of Perinatology is a journal of Turkish Perinatology Society and published every three months, a total of 4 every year.
In the journal experimental and clinical researches, case reports, review articles, interpretations about perinatology and the presentations of Congress of Perinatology and the Post Graduate Educational courses presentations can be published.

  • The languages of the articles are Turkish and English.
General Rules  
  • A couer letter certifying that the work has not been previously published or submitted elsewhere for review must be included with each submission and all the authors are rewuired to sign it. If the trial is presented as an official statement it should be noted also.
  • The authors should take the full responsibility of the articles.
  • Editorial Board has right to correct or retract an article not to publish articles that are not consistent with their rules, to edit or shorten with the permission of the author. In the loss of articles or relatıd part the journal can not be responsable. Therefore the researchers should keep a copy of their work.
  • In the articles reporting experiments on human subjects should contain in the methods section that an informed consent was taken and it should be noted that in this type of research procedures followed were in accordance with the internationally approved guideliner (1964 Heelsinki Declaration and revisions) and Turkish Republic of Ministry of Health regulations which was published in Formal Newspaper in 29 January 1993 with the title of “The regulations about the drug Research” and a copy of Ethics Committe Approval should be submitted as well.
  • There is no change for the articles that would bu published in the journal, but different type of print and colored picture prints require extra charge.

Editorial Board

Perinatoloji dergisi   Perinatal journal  
Arif Akşit
Figen Aksoy
Tayfun Alper
Hediye Arslan
Sebahat Atar Gürel
Nazif Bağrıaçık
Gökhan Bayhan
Yeşim Baytur
Tugan Beşe
Faruk Buyru
Zerrin Calay
Fatma Nur Çakmak
Ebru Çelik
Nur Danişmend
Fuat Demirkıran
Özgür Deren
Melahat Dönmez
Yakup Erata
Ali Ergün
Kubilay Ertan
Eflatun Gökşin
Bilgin Gürateş
Melih Güven
Ümit S. İnceboz
Ayşe Kafkaslı
Ömer Kandemir
Hakan Kanıt
Ömer Kılavuz
Nilgün Kültürsay
Arda Lembet
Ercüment Müngen
Engin Oral
Lütfü Önderoğlu
Soner Öner
Semih Özeren
Yıldız Perk
Haluk Sayman
Yunus Söylet
Mekin Sezik
Ahmad Abdelwahed
Aris Antsaklis
Apostolos Athanassiadis
Ahmet Baschat
Isaac Blickstein
Grezgorz Breborowicz
The-Hung Bui
Lous Cabero Roura
Rabih Chaoui
Frank Chervenak
Vincenzo D'Addario
Gian Carlo Di Renzo
Jan Deprest
Joachim Dudenhausen
Zlatan Fatusic
Anne Greenough
Metin Gülmezoğlu
Joseph Haddad
Moshe Hod
Wolfgang Holzgreve
Davor Jurkovic
Nikos Kametas
İschiro Kawabata
Sanja Kupesic
Asım Kurjak
Ricardo Laurini
Narendra Malhotra
Giampaolo Mandruzzato
Karel Marsal
Ratko Matijevic
Israel Meizner
Anton Michailov
Mohammed Momtaz
Giovanni Monni
Kypros Nicolaides
Umberto Nicolini
Alexander Papitashvilli
Ritsuko Pooh
Nebojsa Radunovic
Ola Saugstad
Athena Souka
Ilan Timor-Tritsch
Yves Ville
Gerard H.A. Visser
Liliana Voto
Victor Yu
Subscribtion Information  

Annual subscribtion for 4 issue is 40 Euro a discounted rate for members is 30 Euro. The payment should be received via Türkiye İş Bankası Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesi Branch Acount number: 1202-42475.